Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is about Venus..
An year in Venus is almost 224 Earth days.You will not believe that a here is more than a year, being 243 Earth days! And adding to that, the planet is rotating in the opposite direction to all other planets!
You can't see the surface of this planet through the space directly because it is covered with one of the densest atmospheres in the solar system. It is made of Carbon dioxide and a little bit of Nitrogen. You can't live in it as the pressure on it is too high, that you will be flattened in seconds after you set foot on it! The pressure here compared to Earth is 92 times more!! Step on it, you will not survive!!
And another thing, this planet is covered with a thick cloud layer made of Sulphuric acid, a harshest acid!
The Earth has sent 3 or 4 space probes to land here, but none of them were able to stay alive for more than 2 Earth hours!!
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